Love Dino Winners

Congratulations to¬†bawatne, thetravelbug, Maggrace1, frecsnic and ody2222! They’ve each been sent an adoption code for a virtual Love Dino, February’s Pet of the Month!



Adopt the Love Dino any time in February to get a Pet of the Month Loot Bag, filled with prizes and a special gift you choose yourself.


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24 Responses to Love Dino Winners

  1. Greendaynv says:

    Congrats to all the winners of this adorable little dino!

  2. frecsnic says:

    I just happen to be one of the winners. I always thought I’ll never win, so I was in shock when I saw my name. I jumped up and did a dance. I was so HAPPY!!! So everyone, please keep entering, your turn will come! You can’t win if you don’t try. It’s fun coming up with all your answers. Good Luck Webkinz Fans!

    • ArcanineEspeon says:

      that’s right, I usually put some pretty silly answers, and I think that includes the September contest, when I won! I always thought I would have a snowball’s chance of winning, but guess not! It was a joyful moment, and I’m sure glad entering the contest is so easy. Don’t overthink your answers like I do, guys!

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