March 2017 Webkinz Name Me Contest WINNERS!


Here are the randomly-drawn winners of the Webkinz Black & White Friesian Name Me Contest!





Prize: PLUSH Webkinz Black & White Friesian

Player: dillyo








Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Black & White Friesian

Player: icecubethe2nd

“Elu: meaning “beautiful”and originating from the Zuni tribe, this name is fitting for such beauty!”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Black & White Friesian

Player: MinCin

“I would name him Sir Midnight. So majestic!”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Black & White Friesian

Player: blily101

“I would name him Pepper”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Black & White Friesian

Player: qeynos

“I think I would call her Clippity.”





Here are the randomly-drawn winners of the Webkinz Oatmeal Kangaroo Name Me Contest!








Prize: PLUSH Webkinz Oatmeal Kangaroo

Player: goldbottom

“I would name him Hopalong Cassidy.”







Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Oatmeal Kangaroo

Player: EOGrammy

“Our high school mascot was a Kangaroo named Kanga so of course I would name it Kanga!”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Oatmeal Kangaroo

Player: youngpup

“If I had this oatmeal kangaroo I’d name it Joey”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Oatmeal Kangaroo

Player: rachelk

“I would pick the name Joey for this Oatmeal Kangaroo Webkinz pet because he looks like a Joey.”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Oatmeal Kangaroo

Player: alaskafish

“I would name her Jillian”




Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who participated!


(Winners, please check the inbox of the email address associated with your GanzWorld account to receive your prize.)


View official contest rules.


29 Responses to March 2017 Webkinz Name Me Contest WINNERS!

  1. goldbottom says:

    Thank you so very much Ganz and Webkinz. I received my Oatmeal Kangaroo. She is sweet as can be! So cute. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. :)

  2. anneso says:

    why i never win

  3. steelerspanthers1 says:

    I would name the Kangaroo Peanut and the Horse Black Knight!

  4. ILoveWebkinz12345678910 says:

    Congrats Winners!

  5. 4CheeseTortellini says:

    Congratulations, winners! Enjoy your Black & White Friesian and Oatmeal Kangaroo :o)

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