Mazin’ Hamsters Closing September 9th



In the summer of 2010 we launched the Mazin’ Hamsters line of plush and section within Webkinz World. Since then, players have enjoyed building and exploring mazes, participating in daily activities and winning prizes. Mazin’ Hamsters can also be dressed, fed and played with like any other Webkinz pet.


Recently more and more players have been unable to access Mazin’ Hamsters. The Mazin’ Hamster section requires the use of the Unity Web Player. Unfortunately this plug-in is no longer supported by browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari, blocking access. As a result we regret to inform you that we will be closing the Mazin’ Hamsters section of Webkinz World on September 9th, 2015.


On August 19th, we will remove the Mazin’ Hamsters button from the Things to Do menu, but players will still be able to access the section through the building on the Map of Kinzville. On September 9th, it will be closed for good and will no longer be accessible.


Mazin’ Hamster owners will continue to be able to play with their hamsters in their pet’s room and clubhouse.


If you have points to spend in Mazin’ Hamsters, we recommend that you get all of your prizes before the section closes, as you will not have access to those points after it is closed.


Finally, if you haven’t done so already, any Mazin’ Hamster code can be registered in Amazing World, whether or not it was used in Webkinz World.


We hope that you have enjoyed playing Mazin’ Hamsters and continue to care for your cute little hamsters in Webkinz World!


***UPDATE 09/09/2015***


Mazin’ Hamsters has now been removed from Webkinz World. Remember that entering a MAZIN’ Hamster Feature Code at the Code Shop will still add the hamster to your Webkinz World account. You can play with hamsters in your pet’s room just like any other Webkinz pet! You can also play with your hamster in Amazing World, a 3D game from the creators of Webkinz! Visit to sign up for a free account!



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  1. andrusor says:

    now that webkinz is an application it would be much easier to re-add Mazin’ Hamsters. Everybody would love it

  2. azhoutz says:

    i just got a mazin hamster and i want to play it please bring it back

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