Meet March’s Social Media Superstar!



We’re so pleased to announce our March Social Media Superstar! Congratulations to the constantly creative techno pup42!


Techno pup42 has been a busy Kinztuber, making several videos on YouTube promoting her love of Webkinz, including her very own Webkinz commercial—featured in one of recent movie showcases! For all of her enthusiasm and support for Webkinz, we’re proud to make techno pup42 our latest Social Media Superstar!


Congratulations techno pup42 for earning the Social Media Superstar Trophy and Hoody!



Thanks for being such a fantastic part of our Webkinz community! Keep up the great work!


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94 Responses to Meet March’s Social Media Superstar!

  1. wolves says:

    Congrats! u must be really happy!:)

  2. raeraerae says:

    Congratulations! I love your kinztube, I’m so glad you won!

  3. TigerKinzKG says:


  4. xmy9tailxkinz says:

    Nice job NMKID! YOU ARE PURE AWESOME! I love your videos! I hope you share your awesomeness with more of our friends! Enjoy your Shirt and Trophy! ~Tails

  5. ilovemoonie says:

    Congratulations techno pup42!!!!!! You deserve to be the social media superstar!! :D

  6. kin2832 says:


  7. ImaPepper says:

    Wow, congratulations, techno pup42!

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