Meet Sally & Mandy in Next!


Sally and Mandy will be back in Webkinz Next tomorrow for another #kinzvillehangout! Come meet them between 3 and 3:30pm on October 12, 2022! They can’t wait to see you there! They will try to respond to as many of your questions and comments as they can. Please try not to crowd them so that everyone gets a chance to chat and they can read everyone’s comments!


What: #Kinzvillehangout

When: 3pm – 3:30pm EST, Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Where: Kinzville Park


Add Sally: Fire Shadowglow 1

Add Mandy: Mandy Webkinz 1





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10 Responses to Meet Sally & Mandy in Next!

  1. cocoa99 says:

    Hi I am checking to see if anyone playing in webkinz next and going to school and getting an A on the hard class and check the challenge to see you didnt get the points

  2. KSC says:

    I enjoyed hanging out with you guys yesterday! Thank you for hosting hangouts in the park. They are lots of fun. – Monkey Oceanstar

  3. jessica2008 says:

    I’ll take this forum first to ask my question and will try to be there for the kinzvillehangout tomorrow. Do you know when the Adventure Scout Sleeping Bag will be working? In a room, it shows that the pet is asleep but in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, it shows the pet is awake and is being tasked with things to do.

  4. tuxkitty1 says:

    I am so bummed that I have to miss because of a dr. appt. Have a great day everyone!

  5. creek4kids says:

    Ooh. May have to multi-task on a zoom meeting and log in to Next at the same time.

  6. aleonar2 says:

    I did not receive my deluxe gift box this month. Who can I contact about this?

  7. KSC says:

    Looking forward to seeing you guys in the park!

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