Meet the 2022 Pet Design Finalists!

Wow! We say it every time, but once again, the Webkinz community has blown us away with their creativity! It was very hard, but after much deliberation, we have narrowed the amazing list of entries down to 10 finalists.



Now we want to hear from you! While the final decision will be up to the creative dept. at Webkinz, we will take your feedback into account when making our selection. Watch Webkinz Newz this weekend for your choice to vote on your favorite.



When making our selection, we looked at the entries based on concepts we thought would make good additions to Webkinz Classic, regardless of the designers’ experience levels as artists. We hope you will also keep that in mind when you cast your votes.



The winning design will be turned into a virtual Webkinz Classic pet that will be available for sale at Ganz eStore and in the WShop starting on Webkinz Day, April 29, 2022! Check out the finalists below.





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113 Responses to Meet the 2022 Pet Design Finalists!

  1. missims100 says:

    I missed this event but I’ll try next time I’m not a Deluxe member anymore because my Dad has stage 4 Kidney Cancer so we can’t afford as much as we used to so I had to sacrifice my Deluxe membership .

  2. Rexy24 says:

    Snapping turtle

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