Meet the Companion Pet Design Winner!

Happy summer sensation! We are so excited to announce the winner of our Companion Pet Design Contest! We have looked and your comments, and discussed it among the Creative Team.


The winner will have their design turned into a real virtual pet in Webkinz World and will be available at Ganz eStore later in the year!  They will also receive a 1 Month Deluxe Membership to Webkinz, a virtual Pet Design Trophy and 1 code each for the following virtual pets – a Tiger Lily Kitten and a Tiger Lily Pup, as well as a code for their own pet when it’s complete! All of the finalists will each receive a code for a 2019 Summer Super Mystery Bag courtesy of Ganz eStore.


And the winner is…


Congratulations to kaceymusgraves and to all of the finalists! Look for an email with your prizes by end of day Tuesday, July 2, 2019. (The Ganz offices will be closed on Monday for Canada Day.)

20 Responses to Meet the Companion Pet Design Winner!

  1. Bubblilious1 says:

    Yeah the Webkinz family is growing. Lovely pet design and congratulations on your award winning design kacey.

  2. BeMyValentine says:

    Congrats! love this one and can’t wait to adopt it as all of my pets are wolves.

  3. fancyduck58 says:

    Congratulations, kaceymusgraves- I love your white cosmic wolf design & can’t wait to adopt this pet!!! :)

  4. Resonatingthunder says:

    Yay! Congrats! I will probably purchase this pet at the estore, can’t wait to see its pet specific items.

  5. Springshimmer says:

    Congratulations, kaceymusgraves! Enjoy your prizes! I gotta admit it’s a pretty cool design for a wolf! ^-^

  6. KSC says:

    Congratulations kaceymusgraves!! This is a beautiful pet!

  7. jaxcat1 says:

    Congratulations kaceymusgraves I love your cosmic wolf design. I will be excited to see what it looks like when it is released in the game. And another congratulations to all the finalists and the winner of this contest. Have a happy summer everyone! : )

  8. kaye10 says:

    wow this one was good–many congrats, but again, wow, there were so many more “different” ones to choose

  9. ImaPepper says:

    Love it–congratulations, kaceymusgraves, for an adorable companion pet! Congratulations to everyone who entered this awesome contest!

  10. lmj87 says:

    Congrats, LOOOVE this.

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