Meet the Finalists – Day 1

Each day during the countdown to Webkinz Day, we will introduce you to four of the finalists in our search for the ‘Greatest Webkinz’.


It was a monumental task – trying to narrow down the list to just 32 pets. There was plenty of debate and discussion before we could decide on our finalists. We’re willing to bet that there will be plenty of discussion among our members about the pets we ended up with as well!


So without further ado, meet the first four pets on our list!



Get ready for the classic Chihuahua! A champion of cuteness, this treasured pup is owned by many and loved by all.


Snowy Owl

The only bird to make our list of candidates had to be magnificent, and the Snowy Owl definitely fits the bill. You’d be wise to bet on this striking pet, with its cool white feathers and piercing eyes.


Winged Tiger

One of the most popular virtual pets ever, the Winged Tiger is quite the majestic sight as it glides through the air! A fantastical personality and electric blue coat give this pet an airborne advantage over its competition.


Whimsy Dragon

The fact that this was our very first Dragon makes it extra special. When this pretty pink pet landed in Webkinz World, it marked a magical beginning for some of our favorite pets to come.

186 Responses to Meet the Finalists – Day 1

  1. lfrank says:

    I like all the pets in this group. Too hard to pick a favorite.

  2. pinkeez2002 says:

    The snowy owl is my favorite pet of these four finalists, if it doesn’t make it I would at least prefer the Chihuahua to make it.

  3. BittyBit says:

    This is hard. I really like all these pets, except the Winged Tiger.

  4. doodlebug72898 says:

    I think out of those I would like the Snowy Owl!

  5. Emeraldlover67 says:

    Whimsy all the way. First, I love dragons and pink things. Second, they remind me of my fav webkinz host………

  6. drtolli says:

    snowy owl gets the nod here

  7. fans44 says:

    Chihuahua is the best.

  8. silvermist03 says:

    SNOWY OWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. GymWiz123 says:

    What ever pet get voted best pet, I am buying it right away! WHOS with ME!!!!!!!!

  10. GymWiz123 says:

    No the dog is not lame coopercow, it is a really cute pet. You too Cheekycat. Go chihuahua! Thats right i am going for the under dog.

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