Meet the Finalists – Day 4

Are you ready for April 29? We hope you’re considering which pets from our list of 32 finalists will get your vote!


Here are four more finalists for you to consider!


Tigerlily Pup

History was made when we released the Tigerlily Pup so we had to add it to the list! This pet was the winning entry for our first ever “Design a Webkinz” contest!



No one can resist this sweet face! A beloved friend to so many Webkinz players, the Panda loves to hang out and relax—but it always wants to win, so watch out!


Flutter Pig

Is this the most unlikely Webkinz ever? Maybe…and we’re so glad the Flutter Pig finally arrived in Webkinz World last summer! This happy pet adores making everyone’s wildest dreams come true as it flits to and fro.


Midnight Monster

The Midnight Monster is one of our most unique looking Webkinz pets. It’s spooky, goofy but mostly adorable! Plus, anyone who’s ever wanted a monster as a pet could bring this cute creature home!

86 Responses to Meet the Finalists – Day 4

  1. lfrank says:

    My favorites in this group are the Flutter Pig & Panda.

  2. FoxesRule612 says:

    I’d have to choose the Tigerlily Pup and the flutter pig out of this list!

  3. sweetflower56 says:

    i vote for pandas

  4. BittyBit says:

    Midnight Monster! Midnight Monster! Midnight Monster!

  5. ImaPepper says:

    Out of these I’d vote for the Midnight Monster. It reminds me of the Wild Things in “Where the Wild Things Are.” That is still one of my favorite stories. I’m hoping to adopt a Midnight Monster, they’re so cute!

  6. Kimmiesan45 says:

    My top picks are Unicorn – love them! or TigerLilly Pup – how creative! Can’t wait for April 29th!!

  7. renfroekid2201 says:

    I Love The Tigerlily Pup To Tho :)

  8. tttvvv says:

    midnight monster!!!

  9. Marley12345Pet says:


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