Meet the Lil Unicorns in the Park!


You did it! Thanks to you, the Lil Unicorns were able to collect enough rainbows that they could paint their Spring Celebration Eggs! To thank you for your help, the Lil Spring Unicorns want to meet you in Kinzville Park for Spring Celebration on April 21. The Lil Unicorns have a very special gift for you – a rainbow egg that you can display in your pet’s room!


The Lil Spring Unicorns will only be in Kinzville Park for one day, so be sure to log in on April 21 and visit them in the Park to get your special thank you gift! They couldn’t have created it without your help!


The Lil Unicorns are so grateful for all of your help! And if you would like to add a Lil Unicorn to your Webkinz family, you can find them at Ganz eStore!


33 Responses to Meet the Lil Unicorns in the Park!

  1. dirtybaby01 says:

    does anyone have a extra rainbow egg they would be willing to send me? thanks my username is dirtybaby01

  2. lynxkitty says:

    I really wanted this gift. but I could not get on my computer that day ;(

  3. ngeorgianow says:

    I missed this ;’(. Oh well. Finals for school are coming up means no webkinz. I’m not even gonna get the kiwi bird! Hopefully they offer the kiwi medallions again.

    • missims100 says:

      I missed it to after graduation last year I now have work and church I may of had to watch two church services online and then ate lunch with my family I live with and my grandmother and aunt . So I was mostly busy helping my mim and mostly my dad after he broke his back long story .

  4. lexieorrell says:

    I missed it………. if anyone does not want there’s please send it to me my username is lexie2406 thank you!!!!

  5. dirtybaby01 says:

    I forgot about going to the park to get the rainbow egg. does anyone have a extra one that I can have I would appreciate it. Thanks! My username is dirtybaby01.

  6. Fred04 says:

    thankyou for having the rainbow egg in the park instead of the clubhouse – so much easier to get with all the parks available and not being backed up in front of the pet we need to click. Love all the spring items – thanks so much.

  7. nerds111 says:

    how do you get the egg??? I cant click on them or anything

  8. Ajoy65 says:

    I missed out on getting the purple unicorn rocking horse. I was out all day and didn’t get a chance to play. I hope it will be offered again some day so I can complete the set. Also, is anyone else having trouble finding the floating kiwi bird? It seems to take forever for them to float by.

    • polkapandaprincess says:

      That’s because kiwis don’t fly!!!! JK… some days they show up quite often and others not so much.

      • 73kibarry says:

        I traded other medallions when I had ten or more for one “any pet” medallion and was able to get Kiwi this week. I found some days they were harder to find than others also. But, that might be something to do if you really want Kiwi.

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