Meet the Room Theme Winner!

Thank you to everyone who voted in our vote this past weekend! After tallying up the votes we are excited to announce the winner of the Webkinz Classic Room Theme Design Contest.


Before we announce the winner, we did want to announce that there were a couple of entries we liked so much that you may see them as prizes at some point in the future. If we do end up using a finalist’s submission we will reach out and award that player an Item Design Trophy. We’re so lucky to have such a creative community of players!


And now, without further ado, the winner of this year’s Room Theme Design Contest is…



Congratulations to tigerlili5! We can’t wait to see your adorable design made into an virtual Classic WShop theme later this year! You and the rest of the finalists can look for a message from us at the email address associated with your GanzWorld account by the end of this week, Friday, March 29, 2024.



Thank you again to everyone who entered and voted!

29 Responses to Meet the Room Theme Winner!

  1. beth7713 says:


  2. rebeccalyons says:

    Congrats! Super cute design!

  3. Freedom2026 says:

    Thanks tigerlili5 and congratulations on your win! It’s a great room design.

  4. strawberrycream12 says:

    I can’t wait! This theme is so cute! I hope bayou princess is also one of the ones we will see in the future!

  5. alucard says:

    Love it! I have an unused dinosaur pet code and this little room design will be a perfect room for him or her. Congrats to Tigerlili5! So happy for you! :-)

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