Meet the Tricky Owl in Park!


You did a great job clearing up Kinzville Park! Now it’s time to decorate! Visit the Lil Tricky Owl in the Park every day to collect a  Halloween Decoration Giftbox!

You can collect one of these  giftboxes a day between October 11 and 20. Drag it into your pet’s room to get a random Halloween decoration and hang it up in your pet’s room to help get Webkinz World ready for Halloween!


114 Responses to Meet the Tricky Owl in Park!

  1. ellisskylar says:

    I really want the bat if anyone has an extra my username is skylarellis thank you

  2. witch56 says:

    Does anyone happen to have an extra pumpkin candlestick holder? I recieved one earlier today and accidentally sold it in the WShop when trying to sell something else :(

  3. polarbears911 says:

    Everytime I try to go to go to kinzville park it loads but immediately throws me to the activitys page. Can someone please help?

  4. tinygma says:

    SPIDERS and Pumpkin Light are my fav !!!! I cant figure how to moce the BAAT up or down

    • tinygma says:

      move the BAT up or down :(

      • frogmom says:

        I know–I think it’s a common complaint that the walls aren’t like the floors where you can place your things anywhere. Any wall decoration is where they say it goes. Sigh. Hopefully they’re working on it, but the doors may be the limiting factor. wouldn’t it be great if they could give you options on working doors? Like the boho door really operated as a door? But the bats are still cool.

        • szivarvany5 says:

          I think that if you click a couple of times on the bat it will move into different positions. (Height, right and left.)

          • Alphaowlbear says:

            Hi tinygma – yes, szivarvany5 is right about clicking on the bat to move it around. However, your pet needs to have clear access to walk to the wall where the bat is hanging. If there is a piece of furniture under the bat, remove it so your pet can walk to that spot. Then you should be able to move the bat to how you want it, then move your pet and replace the furniture.

  5. nanamama12 says:

    A few of those place settings would not go amiss!

  6. nanamama12 says:

    Well, GANZ….I think that the consensus here is that a presentable version of this very cute jack-o-lantern would be very much appreciated! Props to the artist who came up with the design! You obviously won the chicken dinner!

  7. lovekeet says:

    The gift boxes would also make great decorations!

  8. megamom12 says:

    I REALLY would like to have those spiderweb decorations! Those and the Lampstand would really flesh out a couple of my rooms.

  9. FreeBird says:

    Hope I get the ghost balloons!

  10. winxclub11 says:

    I just LOVE the decorations! ❤️

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