Meet your BFFs – Betty Butter!


We couldn’t talk about our BFFs without mentioning the wonderful Better Butter! Betty is an integral member of the Webkinz team! So let’s learn all about our BFF, Betty Butter!



Favorite game:
Cash Cow 2

Favorite pet:
The Enchanted Elephant (for obvious reasons)

Favorite room in the Clubhouse:
Daisy’s Diner

Favorite section in the Magical Forest:
Alyssa’s Star Challenge

Favorite job at the Employment Agency:
Dr. Quack’s Assistant

Favorite Kinztune:
It’s A Beautiful Day

Which host do you most closely identify with?
Dr. Quack

What is the first thing you do when you log into Webkinz each day?
Do my dailies. Gem Hunt (love the Crown of Wonder)

Which is your best class at the Academy?

Have you ever won the Crown of Wonder? If yes, how many?
Yes!! 5


What was the last thing you wished for at the Wish Factory?
Wildflower Gazebo


49 Responses to Meet your BFFs – Betty Butter!

  1. Alexandrite_Ledger says:

    I thought she looked new! =P

  2. annm2990 says:

    Hi Betty, very nice to meet you! Thanks for all you do in Webkinz World. Sorry I didn’t meet you before.

  3. xdri says:

    Cannot find podkinz no 94! Does anyone know how can I add her to my friends?

  4. Ruby09 says:

    Ok I have been cleared up on a few things and Betty is actually not new! She has been part of the ganz team for a while and she was even in podkinz #94! (thank you beckinz8) I actually never saw her before but I’m hoping she’ll come up more often since everyone seems to be wondering who she is :)

  5. Blaine says:

    So happy to finally see an avatar of our most wonderful Betty Butter! You may not know her by name here on WKN, but you know her work as she is a fix-it extraordinaire for our Webkinz accounts. And a sweet and wonderful person to interact with through face book.

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