Mooove Over – Introducing a NEW Plush!


You’re going to have a cow this Webkinz Day! As a special Webkinz Day treat for our players, we are thrilled to announce the release of our newest plush pet, the Holstein Cow!


This adorable plush pet is now available at Ganz eStore! It comes with two codes for virtual pets – one in Webkinz Next and one for Webkinz Classic.

Plus, for a limited time, when you purchase the Holstein Cow, you can purchase a second plush pet, the Golden Retriever or the Unicorn, for 50% off.


And did you know? Shipping is included with every plush purchase!


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  1. cowtown2 says:

    love the cow, I am a classic player and will be I hope for years and years to come I have tried the new game, and its ok, I play it, not as much, I still love the classic, if I was to buy a pet for the new game this would be it, I love cows, and this one is cute, i hope things will get better soon, and maybe get back to some nomal, thank you all ganz and webkinz, it must be hard to keep up with all this, i can’t hardly take care of one account lol then two.

  2. genren1 says:

    Awww, no! I missed it.

    • leaveitnow41s says:

      What did you miss? Far as I know you haven’t missed a thing. Special offer on plush at estore. I bought myself the cow and got a Retriever for my friend that cant afford to play. I really wanted her to be able to spark a baby lol!

  3. bonesbongo says:

    WOW! Sure was quick getting this cute Holstein Cow ordered on Friday the 30th delivered to my door this morning. I so happy, I took advantage of the special offer two pets one low price got 50% off one of the pets.

  4. jjp345 says:

    This cow is adorable!

  5. emster7 says:

    Honest to Pete, that Classic look is the best! I want her so bad!

  6. unikitty11_ says:

    That cow is so mootiful! I mean beautiful, lol :-D . It’s so adorable! Thank you Ganz! Thinking about adopting this lil cutie!

  7. bonesbongo says:

    I wasn’t a fan of the looks for the NEW plush for Webkinz Next but I think the Holstein Cow is adorable.

    • megamom12 says:

      Well, cows naturally have large eyes so it fits better with this pet. I’m thinking that I will spend the money on diamonds and pick a pet in the adoption center. I’m just not quite sure if I want the Orange Tabby or the Moon Bear first. Right now I’m leaning towards the Orange Tabby because I have a name for him already.

  8. ojibwa says:

    Oh I love how she looks in Classic! I really want one!

  9. AliceInWebkinzland4 says:

    This pet is cute. However, I don’t care to play Webkinz Next. I’m nostalgic and will stick to Classic. That being said, I’m not sure I can justify the price of these new pets being double the old ones if I’m only going to utilize the code in one location. Oh well I suppose.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The price also includes free shipping

      • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

        I understand that it comes with shipping, and that your shipping was around $10 before, right? But making the default price $30 sets the standard for the price. So if anyone wanted to buy it on like Amazon or eBay, it will probably still be $30, whether the shipping is free or not. I think it would be better to sell them cheaper and have people pay for the shipping, like they used to be. I think it would be a better way to advertise them, because seeing $30 for the price is off-putting for a small stuffed animal that looks like many other plushes on the market that are cheaper. Just my honest advice!

        • megamom12 says:

          Well, remember that you get 2 codes with each pet. One for Next and one for Classic. That breaks down to $15.00 each. One plush and one virtual and that is about the right price for each. They are nice for collectors as well as each of the new pets at the moment are 1st Edition. I bought the first 2 but most likely will use the same amount of money to buy some diamonds for a new pet from the Adoption Agency and then have enough left over to ‘spark’ a new baby. We all have to figure out how to spend our limited ‘disposable income’ in the best way that fits our play style and our pet goals. Next paycheck I am going to get the diamonds as a Mother’s Day gift for myself!

          • BH1464 says:

            I bought this new pet, but it only came with one 15 character code that states the code can only be used one time. The pet codes for Webkinz Classic are only 8 characters. There are no instructions as to how to add this new style pet to my Webkinz Classic account. I am very confused and disappointed as I wanted to add the pet to my Classic account and I wanted to use it to start an account in the New Webkinz. Can anyone help explain this to me, please?

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            The code attached to the pet is for Webkinz Next. There is a separate code included in the box for the Classic version.

        • piggitime says:

          I have backed out of so many purchases because of shipping costs — many of them with ganz. Yeah, these are high, shipping or not, and honestly, I’m backing off from them, too (because among my changed circumstances there is ‘why buy pets when I can’t play the accounts I have anymore?’) Personally I need to know what I’m facing at the start, with the free shipping, to seriously consider going through with a purchase. When I hit that final stage of a checkout, and suddenly the price is 8, 10 dollars more (or worse) more than 99% of the time I’m going to come to my senses and nope out of there. So the price on these gives me nosebleeds it’s so high, but I’d know that going in at the start.

    • leaveitnow41s says:

      To each their own. I love both and I continue to play both everyday

  10. gingerdare says:

    Ahh! The cow (calf??) is adorable!!!!

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