More Places to Chat with KinzChat PLUS!


We’ve got great news for our KinzChat PLUS members! Head to the Clubhouse and check out the extra rooms that are now available in the KinzChat PLUS section!



First up is the Theater Room, where your pets can stage plays, or watch them!  Will you be a performer, or will you take the best seats in the house… the balcony?





If you like this theme, it’s also available in the W Shop for eStore Points. Whether you’re an actor or a member of the audience, be sure to pick up a snack while you’re there — a Theater Chocolate Pop!




The other room is great for all of our budding chefs — whether you’re a pro that likes to make meals for your pet, or a super sleuth looking to solve a secret recipe, there’s an appliance that will fill every need! Be sure to stop by the Super Chef Room and whip up something tasty!




So what do you think? Which of these rooms is your favorite? If you could have any room available in KinzChat PLUS, what would it be?

44 Responses to More Places to Chat with KinzChat PLUS!

  1. bonjovifan91 says:

    The rooms are cool but i’d like to see the games room and trading room 2 back as well! (:

  2. unicorn794 says:

    YES!!! FINALLY!!!!

  3. musicpup613 says:

    Ahh YES I’ve been hoping we’d get more rooms to have kinzchat plus in!

  4. cowtown2 says:

    not working for me either my account is crazy all week help I am broke also I can’t get any luck this week . thanks webkinz I know you are trying to make stuff better all the time, just remember maybe not to have so much to get at one time while things not working some people need little more time a nd to earn money thanks love to you all.

  5. suzanneauntie says:

    Webkinz, Looks great! How do you get to use Kinzchat Plus? I don’t need my parent’s consent, and have tried to use it and it doesn’t work. Do you need to be Deluxe to use it? Please help! Thank you!

  6. Skyeward says:

    I like the theater room but I was there when the super chef room was there originally so it reminds me of the good old days :) I would really love a kinzchat plus role play room, to be honest. Those were always my favorite. Ahh I am so excited lol I have been waiting so long!

  7. Skyeward says:

    I can’t stop saying thank you!! This made my day ;p

  8. Skyeward says:

    OHMYGOSH!!! Thank you so much Ganz! I have been waiting for this forever! Thanks so much <3

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