More Tigerlily Pup Item Designs Revealed!



Since we last showed you the Tigerlily Pup’s design, more progress has been made! Check out its gorgeous and tasty PSF, Tigerlily Tea, a fragrant and flowery brew that this pup just adores!


Also, here’s a bonus first look at the finished PSI, the Wildflower Pond! We love this item’s beautiful colors and serene setting:


Remember, the Tigerlily Pup will be available in the W Shop beginning June 4th, so see you then!





102 Responses to More Tigerlily Pup Item Designs Revealed!

  1. FuzzyWuzzy12 says:


  2. zos765 says:

    the puppy’s cool too

  3. favoritepoodle7 says:

    The pond is very pretty. It’s designed very well! I love the tea cup saucer and the tea cup! But I wouldn’t the pet just for these cool items. I would be okay if they didn’t give me the PSI and the PSF because I just want the pet! :D

  4. etncpink says:

    I need this pet, I also need to know how long it will be in estore because I need to save my deluxe points! It might take a couple months!

  5. roseycheeks2003 says:

    Where can I find her? hastings? tuesdaymorning?

  6. spatz04 says:

    ughhhhhh….my dad is trying to pry me off the computer but wont let him

  7. spatz04 says:

    its really cute though I still dont get it about the flower thing u know???:)

  8. CTHumaneSociety1881 says:

    You can buy it with kinzcash?

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