More Webkinz Room Designs!


Hey Guys. First off, Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for the upcoming year, especially when it comes to room designing ;). I want to thank everyone who has sent me screenshots of their favorite Webkinz rooms…. keep them coming! You can email them to me at


Anyway, here we go! Remember, everyone featured today has the chance to become a finalist for our next Room Design Awards:























Congrats to everyone featured today. You are all talented room designers!


23 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. KaybeeM says:

    Trail Walk Room theme is the best.

  2. alyssa1scom says:

    I like ski resort and go fish in the ski cabin!!

  3. missquackerstein says:

    Trail Walk, Mechanic Shop, and Merry Christmas are my favorites. If I had to pick I would choose Merry Christmas.

  4. ringneck1 says:

    So many good designs in this batch. Ski Resort is wonderful. Are the little bunnies and foxes pets or plushes?

  5. HartLakeKids says:

    Nash333, where did you get that beautifully tall Christmas tree in your “Here Comes Santa Claus” room? I love your room!! And everybody else who entered a design, congratulations!!!! You all deserve a free pet as a prize!!!!!

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    There are so many great room designs! I know I’ll be studying them over and over, to try to catch every detail. Psalm145, could you please tell us where you got the costume and set items to create your scene? I think a lot of people would like to create this room or something like it in their own WW homes. (Your use of goblins for 3 wise men made me chuckle!) I love that you used a Christmas tree star as THE star. You’ve created a simple and meaningful Christmas room that is possible for most players to recreate. Thank you!

  7. eclipse07 says:

    The nativity is so cute.

  8. larzy says:

    Love the Nativity Scene! The Chemistry Class is great. Santa’s Train and the Ski Resort are awesome. Even though winter has just started, I already want the warm, sunny days of The Trail Walk back! All of the rooms are very inspiring. Congrats to all featured.

  9. julieperkins says:

    wtg Designers , really awesome rooms all so great I can’t pick a favorite!

  10. CaroleF says:

    Love, Love, LOVE Merry Christmas room by Psalm145!!!

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