More Webkinz Room Designs!


Hey guys! I have 20 more room designs to show you today. Thanks to everyone who sent in a design. It’s always great to see new players on the list. Feel free to send me a screenshot of your favorite Webkinz room. You can email it to

Congratulations to everyone featured today. As always, you each have the chance to become a finalist for our next Room Design Awards… Good luck!


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42 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. kaye10 says:

    hi nice job all :) can someone tell me please, in the “shopping mall,” from where is the open wardrobe/closet display? THANKS, k.

  2. mryn says:

    My favorite is the red white and blue room! How that poor little webkinz can sleep in all that brightness is amazing! Makes me smile!! Great job all of you! Congratulations for being picked!

  3. gospottgo says:

    The jousting tournament room is so ingenious!

  4. ImADogWhoLovesFish says:

    Oh, the shopping mall is the BEST! And the bathroom beneath it! Also like the campground, condo, parlor, farm, & joust.

  5. oudoll2 says:

    Really great rooms! Thanks for sharing your work with us. These rooms are pure art and imagination!

  6. xxmgn says:

    Really nice rooms! The Jousting Tournament is such a great idea! I also really love that bathroom. Very cool everyone great jobs!

  7. LoveAndCake says:

    I love Canyon Campground, Fun in the Forest (the snowy one), The Magical Mountain, and Hildo’s Farm! :)

  8. foggy says:

    Thanks for featuring my forest room. Somehow my title got transferred to the pirate beach one. I hope the proper credit can be given to the rightful designer. It is a great room so credit should be given where credit is due!

  9. kelly989 says:

    I’d love to see Foggy make a fall themed Fun in the Forest!

  10. tuxkitty1 says:

    Dawn your room is awesome!

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