More Webkinz Room Designs!


The easiest way to take a screenshot of your pet’s room is to click on the camera icon, located in the top left corner of your pet’s room. You’ll be able to save your snapshot to your computer and all icons will be removed, giving you a perfect image of your room design. Then… you can send it to me! Just email it to for the chance to be featured in one of my room design posts.


And now for today’s room designs! There are 25 in the group, including a Bank, Zingoz Bowling Alley and a Robin Hood room… enjoy!



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Congratulation to everyone featured today… you each have the chance to become a finalist the next time we hold the Room Design Awards!


37 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. KarenaJ says:

    I had missed this batch with everything going on. Congrats and well done everyone.

  2. catladyinpajamas says:

    I love them all!! I picked 3: Pumpkins Condo, Playground, and Smitten Kitten. I’m so glad they had a cat theme in there! If this is a contest I hope they win. If I did this I would need prizes for each one of them. Good luck every one!! Oh, wait there should be honorable mention for those keeping safe in their room! I saw 2 trying to stay 6 feet apart!! Really good job for them!! So Every one try to stay safe when you go out!!

  3. Warden says:

    OH MY GOSH! They are wonderful and some of them are so inspiring! That “Filmed in front of a live studio” is genius! Others I hope to re-create are – Summertime Fun, Soft Spice Home (wowza!), Robin Hood room, Down on the Farm and the Four Seasons! The season one is so fun, and makes you think, “Now why didn’t I do that?” LOL Great work to all the contributors. =D

    • gingerdare says:

      Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing the Robin Hood room. The hardest part was finding all the right pieces and being willing to use them in that room. I almost didn’t put the carved heart tree in the Robin Hood room because I was thinking about using it somewhere else. In the end, I just couldn’t change it. It worked too well in the Robin Hood room. I hope you have fun recreating it!! If you want to know where I got any of the pieces, just ask. I probably know :)

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