Movie Showcase: Pink and White Cat Speed Drawing

As you know, we love seeing Webkinz players demonstrating their skills, so we were delighted to see YouTuber MsJellyKinz doing a wonderful drawing of a Webkinz Pink and White Cat! Watch her speed draw below.



Well done, MsJellyKinz! To check out more Webkinz drawing demos, click here for our Let’s Draw series.


Did you make or see a Webkinz video that you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments!


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27 Responses to Movie Showcase: Pink and White Cat Speed Drawing

  1. RainbowReptile says:

    I’m impressed. Well I can’t draw Webkinz well, but I’ll practice!

  2. rocohoneypie says:

    wow! kitcatsrainbowpupdog good job at that signature siamese!! :D XD

  3. rocohoneypie says:

    wow that is fast, but it looks like it’s on fast forward a little

  4. minigummybears says:

    030 Lovely!

  5. puppylove631 says:

    Very good drawing. Better than I could ever do!

  6. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    My friend hannahpandah has the Pink and White Cat.

  7. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    Snap! Now THAT was a speed draw! Good job, MsJellyKinz!!!

  8. webkinzdogbeard says:

    That’s pretty good! I draw my webkinz just like that! (I draw 1 webkinz everyday!)

  9. MsBirdy5780 says:

    Hey thats a pretty good cat. I like to call myself an artist as well but I can not show you them because I do not have a youtube account. I hope I get one soon.

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