Dr. Quack’s Journal: I’ve Made My Decision



Oh my! I finally know what I want to do.


I’ve had lots of time to think, now that pets are no longer getting sick and don’t need my medicine at the clinic. A quick snack or a bit of exercise is all that anyone needs to get feeling healthy again. I love the town of Kinzville and all of the citizens living here, but the truth is that they no longer need the services of a doctor.


This is why, after 10 years of loyal service, I have made up my mind to retire and close the clinic.


I feel rather emotional writing the words, but seeing it written down is really helping me get a sense of closure (Hoohoo! Now there’s a zinger of a pun! Have to tell that one to Fred next time I see him). There’s so much I’ve wanted to do and to see, but could never find the time to get away. I have to take this opportunity to make a change.


I’ll miss the running the clinic, but at least I’ll be able to see all my friends. I’m still having too much fun as a judge for Supermodelz, and I will certainly still welcome anyone who wants to practice being my assistant at the Employment Office.  


But how to say goodbye? I think once I close the clinic on March 25th, I’ll walk around Kinzville for a few weeks so anyone who wants to say goodbye can find me. I think I’ll even prepare a few goodbye gifts for those pets nice enough to stop me on the street. THAT will put a smile on some faces…


I guess I had better start packing up my things and put up the closing sign. As sad as this moment is, I must remember: this isn’t the end for Dr. Quack, but rather a new beginning for Quincy Quack.



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415 Responses to Dr. Quack’s Journal: I’ve Made My Decision

  1. biscuith says:

    Webkinz no longer need the services of a doctor? I guess that miracle tonic can cure from anything from a sniffle to broken hips. I just see my webkinz getting hives after eating gunk and being like “sorry, doctors don’t exist anymore. Drink this”. XD

  2. flyinghorse3 says:

    I barley remember the clinic, but I remember getting excited when my pet was sick, :(

  3. brookiebutterfly says:

    Really miss the clinic. On older accounts when I was younger, I remember getting excited to go to the doctor. Honestly, the clinic is still missed.

  4. PorterTheDog says:

    “I’ll miss THE running the clinic” I think Dr. Quack has to have a visit with Ms. Cowoline! xd

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