Dr. Quack’s Journal: I’ve Made My Decision



Oh my! I finally know what I want to do.


I’ve had lots of time to think, now that pets are no longer getting sick and don’t need my medicine at the clinic. A quick snack or a bit of exercise is all that anyone needs to get feeling healthy again. I love the town of Kinzville and all of the citizens living here, but the truth is that they no longer need the services of a doctor.


This is why, after 10 years of loyal service, I have made up my mind to retire and close the clinic.


I feel rather emotional writing the words, but seeing it written down is really helping me get a sense of closure (Hoohoo! Now there’s a zinger of a pun! Have to tell that one to Fred next time I see him). There’s so much I’ve wanted to do and to see, but could never find the time to get away. I have to take this opportunity to make a change.


I’ll miss the running the clinic, but at least I’ll be able to see all my friends. I’m still having too much fun as a judge for Supermodelz, and I will certainly still welcome anyone who wants to practice being my assistant at the Employment Office.  


But how to say goodbye? I think once I close the clinic on March 25th, I’ll walk around Kinzville for a few weeks so anyone who wants to say goodbye can find me. I think I’ll even prepare a few goodbye gifts for those pets nice enough to stop me on the street. THAT will put a smile on some faces…


I guess I had better start packing up my things and put up the closing sign. As sad as this moment is, I must remember: this isn’t the end for Dr. Quack, but rather a new beginning for Quincy Quack.



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415 Responses to Dr. Quack’s Journal: I’ve Made My Decision

  1. Swiftpurplebeast says:

    I Wish dr. quack clinic could be here for 1 more year if those rumors did not exist webkinz would not shut it down

  2. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    *Don’t not SON’T.

  3. FlowerKiddie says:

    come back

  4. leahpothast1234 says:

    how do i become the doctor

  5. bubbashuka says:

    I really miss Dr. Quack’s clinic!! :(

  6. TheGeyAgenda says:

    Dr. Quack was my favorite character when I was little, and it disappointed me that I was only ever allowed to see him when my pets were sick. I wish they’d put him back in, having the sick-feature for pets made it slightly more realistic for children, and was just one of those extra real-life things that they prepped you for (ya know, “go to the doctor if you, or someone you’re taking care of, gets sick”)

  7. comebackdrquack says:

    I shot my webkinz foot off so now you HAVE to come back!!!! COME BACK DR QUACK!!!!!!!!

  8. comebackdrquack says:

    OH DR QUACK!!!! NOOOOO!! I miss you sooo much!!! I think about you all the time and how much I miss you and the old ms. Birdy. Are you still there Dr. Quack? Did you maybe replace ms. Birdy after she retired and thats why she is different? Come back dr. quack, i miss you and all my webkinz miss you. I want my webkinz to get sick again so they can come to you and get better because you have all the answers. PLEASE DR. QUACK PLEASE COME BACK!!

  9. meepgirl19 says:

    come back Dr. quack! come back Dr. quack! come back Dr. quack! come back Dr. quack! come back Dr. quack! come back Dr. quack! come back Dr. quack!

  10. jppal67 says:

    I wish I would have found this out earlier.

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