Movie Showcase: Webkinz Dog Unboxing!

YouTuber angelwolfxo is SO EXCITED that her package full of Webkinz arrived! Watch her sweet reaction as she meets her adorable Webkinz for the first time. Plus, watch for the appearance of a special guest at the end!



Do you have any name suggestions for angelwolfxo? Share them in the comments!


Don’t forget to let us know if you’ve made any Webkinz videos, too!


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93 Responses to Movie Showcase: Webkinz Dog Unboxing!

  1. ILoveWebkinz12345678910 says:

    Btw Bon-Bon would be a girl ;)

  2. ILoveWebkinz12345678910 says:

    Name suggestions: Webkinz Wintermint Husky: Cooper, Dounut Puppy: Sprinkles( Because there are sprinkles on donuts) And Webkinz Sig. Border Terrier: Bon-Bon! Super adorable I’m looking forward to getting the Dounut Puppy and Sig. Border Terrier!

  3. rocohoneypie says:

    Suggestions, Webkinz wintermint husky: Rilly (i don’t know if i spelled it right) Webkinz Donut pup: Donny, Doug, Dairy Webkinz Border Terrier: Bonnie, Terry, Tony XD i love all the pets u got!! i want so much!! XD

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