Neigowa Blancetta: Super Chef Recipe Revealed!


Super Chef recipes are some of the hardest to solve in Webkinz World, but now we are revealing another savory secret!


Super Chef recipe foods can only be made in the Clubhouse by using the Super Chef Stove found in Daisy Doe’s diner. These recipes are tough to solve because they are made up of other recipe foods! This is why so many Super Chef recipes remain unsolved. But if you’re lucky enough to either have these recipe foods already in your Dock, or you know how to create them, visit Daisy Doe’s Diner right away!


The first player to create Neigowa Blancetta on a Super Chef Stove will win the Secret Chef Trophy!



Here are the recipe foods you’ll need:


  • Fire & Water Sandwich
  • Mount Snococo
  • Sweet Creola


Combine these together on the Super Chef Stove to create this savory snowman!



Want to know how to make other recipes in Webkinz World? Check out our Secret Recipe archive here.


Have YOU ever tried solving Super Chef recipe? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. FuwaNeko says:

    Is there a winner yet? I was able to make the recipe

  2. bubbashuka says:

    Can we buy the super chef stove somewhere?

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