Movie Showcase – Wintermint Husky Speedpaint

You’ll feel like romping in the snow after checking out this awesome speedpaint by ruby toasterkinz!




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15 Responses to Movie Showcase – Wintermint Husky Speedpaint

  1. Sophie_the_awesome says:

    That was an awesome speed paint! What software is that? And why does it sometimes flash to something random?

  2. Pinkroses9872002 says:

    What program does she use? Looks so cool!

  3. mycatsnores says:

    I wish I had that kind of talent and patience. Mine would look like a garbage truck with a bunch of paper towels stuck to it :) Kudos!

  4. PonyPerfection says:

    I don’t really like it… sorry.

  5. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Congratulations, Ruby!!! I love your Winter mint Husky! Ialso love the Webkinz Huskys too! You have a wonderful talent! Everything is perfect!

  6. 9boogirl says:

    This is amazing! Great artwork, @rubytoasterkinz!

  7. SnowFox15 says:

    That is so cute! Awesome job, as always, ruby toasterkinz! Your artwork is out-of-this-world amazing. >^-^<

  8. PurpleFox says:

    This is a beautiful drawing, Ruby! You’re gifted indeed!

  9. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Just saw this one the other day! Isn’t it adorable? I love rubytoaster’s art! ^-^ Congrats again, rubytoasterkinz!

  10. otisbulldogmiddleton says:

    This video is so awesome! I wonder if there are any other Webkinz videos out there that will put you in the Christmas mood.

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