Mystic Pony Retires


ATTENTION COLLECTORS: The Mystic Pony Plush is sold out from our warehouse and no more will ever be made! Pick one up and add it to your Webkinz family before they’re gone… for good! To celebrate the retirement of this pet, Mystic Pony owners can visit Today’s Activities THIS weekend and play the Counting Sailboats game on Saturday (Feb 22nd) and get a FREE piece of Moonberry Magic Cake on Sunday (Feb 23rd).



68 Responses to Mystic Pony Retires

  1. Grace231kinzhey says:

    I have one to her name is (Magic) :P :P Good luck having one! ;) :) :D :P

  2. mebtn says:

    Books-A-Million sells webkinz

  3. Misty900 says:

    I predict the barred owl will retire next. :D

  4. bird1234 says:

    i dont like the new format that they did please change it back!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 22sarah says:

    Noooooo! I loved this pet and I wanted to get it. :(

  6. rebekah481227 says:

    it suck they are doing these changes and that you have to be a member to really do anything around there

  7. kingdomhearts says:

    i have a mystic pony named mystic you can add me on webkinz my user name is StarGlaze1

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