Name the Baby Dragon Finalists Revealed!


Raziel has been overwhelmed with the amount of name suggestions that players have left for his beautiful baby dragon and he has decided to revealed 10 of his favorites!  Here they are in no particular order:


1. Ezra – Submitted by Dolan

2. Leizar – Submitted by gfarm

3. Talyn – Submitted by MirThunderCat

4. Amber – Submitted by kittygirls13

5. Cinder – Submitted by grace1234569

6. Torch – Submitted by missypooh713

7. Luna – Submitted by NyanCaUSA

8. Cole – Submitted by zundapp06

9. Flare – Submitted by bsburn99

10. Aster – Submitted by SaveTilikum



Congratulations to all 10 finalists! Each finalist will be emailed a code for the Baby Dragon Pet Buddy! Remember, you will have to wait until Monday, May 19th to find out which name Raziel has chosen as the winner!


Finalists were chosen according to contest rules. Any posts that included more than 1 name suggestion were not considered for the contest. In the cases where multiple members left the same name suggestion, the first member to post the name as a single entry was considered eligible for this contest.


Which name is your favorite from the lists of finalists? Leave your comments below…


294 Responses to Name the Baby Dragon Finalists Revealed!

  1. Bluestar3 says:

    I said Daizel and Laizel was one of the winners… missed it by one letter.

  2. esutherlan101 says:

    i wish i won

  3. 1928abc2005 says:


  4. treaure says:

    Flare sounds cool

  5. FunnyBunny123 says:

    Ok. I think most people like the name Amber, and most likely, that’s what it will be. Congrats, kittygirls13!

  6. SaveTilikum says:

    SUPER congrats to Cinder!!!! *hands clapped* I’m fine I didn’t win because everyone loved Cinder! :D Yays to Grace! ~Ocean

  7. katully says:

    I think Aidan would be a good name. It means fire.

  8. katiekoenig says:

    I think they should make a stuff animal it would be great and he could have a code so you could type on the stuff . :]

  9. ssc181 says:

    Hmmmm… Hard to say… I kind of like the name Luna and Flame… well… maybe Luna more… well, whatever! Congrats to the finalists!!! U all did a wonderful job, and u’re lucky too! U get a baby dragon!!! :D That’s lucky! The dark side though for me is that I didn’t hear about anything about this, so I’m sort of bummed out… :(

  10. Dolan says:

    Thank you for all the really nice compliments about my choice for the baby dragon’s name! I chose Ezra because I liked how all four letters are in Raziel’s name as well. Also, Ezra means helper which seems like the perfect name for a Pet Buddy. And Webkinz, I was wondering when the finalists would be emailed their codes as I have yet to receive mine. Thank you!

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