#NationalDogDay: Save 20% on the Virtual Golden Retriever!

Today, August 26, 2023, is #NationalDogDay! To celebrate, Webkinz Classic is making the virtual Golden Retriever available for one day only, and both Webkinz Classic and Webkinz Next are offering 20% off the regular purchase price of this cute dog!





In Webkinz Next you can find the virtual Golden Retriever in the Adoption Center. In Webkinz Classic, look for the virtual Golden Retriever in the WShop and at Ganz eStore.

Each Webkinz pet comes with its own Pet Specific Item (PSI) and Pet Specific Food (PSF). The Golden Retriever’s PSI is the refreshing Golden Retriever Pool, and its PSF is yummy Golden Pancakes.


And of course, each Webkinz Next pet comes with three Sparks. You can combine Sparks from two of your pets to spark an adorable Webkinz baby!



#NationalDogDay on August 26 is a golden opportunity to add this adorable dog to your Webkinz family.


National Dog Day
And be sure to check Webkinz Newz and Ganz eStore for more National Dog Day specials!

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.



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13 Responses to #NationalDogDay: Save 20% on the Virtual Golden Retriever!

  1. Demongirl10 says:

    I was saving up for the new Pixie Tiger but I couldn’t say no to a good sale..so this baby may have come home with me instead LOL!

  2. amazingmom says:

    I had 2 Next accounts with enough diamonds saved to get the Golden Retriever. Now is the long wait to get enough diamonds to spark a baby ;)

  3. sweetiepiesix says:

    roseanne, have you tried turning off your computer? That usually works for me. Good luck.

  4. sambear1 says:

    Is anyone else having problems trying to buy the classic online pets from estore? I have tried to buy the chihuahua and 2 other pets but it would not let me purchase them. I even tried to just purchase the chihuahua but no luck. Ganz can you please fix the problem so that I may purchase the 3 classic online pets.

    • Fred04 says:

      My estore acct says expired too – haven’t used in a long time etc. etc. Contacted ganz yesterday – hate others having trouble too, but glad not just me. I use estore all the time. Please fix it soon Ganz. Thanks.

    • kaydivabear12 says:

      I too have tried to purchase the chihuahua from the classic online pet category. Each and every time I received an error message telling me to check my payment information. I tried 3 times to purchase, double checking info every time, only to receive the same error message. Ganz please investigate and let me know what can be done. Thank you.

  5. SpiritRidingFree says:

    Happy national dog dayyyy!!

  6. bowling0513 says:

    Help! My deluxe membership just expired and I bought one and tried to redeem the code and every time I put it in it says “Sorry. The system cannot redeem code.” I already contacted customer support but I was wondering if there was any way I could get help before Monday. Please and thank you.

  7. roseanne says:

    I was planning on buying the French Bulldognas well as the September 7 pet Lion…………..I am not spending another dime until you all fix what you have broken……… I have contacted customer service twice so far, to report how your “fix” messed up my three WKN accounts, you tell me it is fixed….But IT IS NOT…. Your most recent update to NEXT…..I worked really hard to get back in without a connection error, for two days. The magic forrest stars have be broken for a long time……they now longer accumulate stars, I guess Allyssa is spelling with them after we leave……….So very frustrated Wylady aka Roseanne

  8. eigram says:

    What a cutie!

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