NEW Arcade Game: Jumbleberry Blast!


If you enjoy collecting berries in Jumbleberry Fields, you’ll really love squishing them in Jumbleberry Blast!





In this fun new puzzle game, connect 3 or more of the same berries in order to clear them. Earn points, clear rot, or drop down jam jars to complete each level!








Jumbleberry Blast is for Deluxe Members, but keep watching the Game of the Day. When a game is the Game of the Day, anyone can play it!



We’ll also be adding Jumbleberry Blast to the arcade in the Webkinz mobile app soon! If you don’t already have the app, it’s available for FREE at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!




Note: If you are stuck on the tutorial screen, just follow the instructions by clicking and dragging across the first set of berries to connect them. This will move you forward in the game.


Have YOU played Jumbleberry Blast yet? Let us know in the comments below!


88 Responses to NEW Arcade Game: Jumbleberry Blast!

  1. kinzwars says:

    You are supposed to get a trophy if you beat all 30 levels. I did just that and no trophy!! Ganz-players are complaining!! PLEASE FIX!!!

  2. Ellen1970 says:

    Please turn off the tutorial on the game! I do not need it EVERYTIME!!!!!

  3. Brumno says:

    Dear Webkinz members I was wondering something about the jumbo berry blast game. I can get in the game and play it. but when my game ends. I don’t get any kinz cash for it. And it doesn’t end properly. I have to log out of webkinz and sign back into it. I tried cleaning my cache.And that doesn’t fix the problem. Do you guys need to fix it on you side or am I doing something wrong. Could you please reply. I had mention this on webkinz back May 23rd but no one reply back I know you are busy. I hope you reply Thank You

  4. Brumno says:

    Do we win kinz cash or a prize to play this game. Webkinz team can you please reply Thank You Brumno

  5. webkinzilicious43 says:

    Oh! I really want to play that game but, it’s for deluxe members. It’s ok but maybe you could make the game not for deluxe members in the future? :)

  6. natalie13 says:

    I agree this game starts then stops after a couple of plays? Dont get it? Plus I do not see the instructions? settings or start button? Just the tutorial??/

  7. mycatsnores says:

    Please fix the game so we stop having to go through the tutorial game every time we play it

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