New Arcade Game – Zingoz Zangoz!


Introducing our latest NEW Webkinz Arcade game: Zingoz Zangoz!




Help two Zangoz bounce fruit across the screen before time runs out—but look out for that dive-bombing Wacky! The first time you get a great score you’ll win a Zingoz Zangoz Trophy!



This game is also coming shortly to the mobile arcade after the next update for the Webkinz mobile app. While the game is for Deluxe Members, everyone will get a chance to play it in the near future on when it appears as the Game of the Day!


Not a Deluxe Member yet? Learn more about membership here.


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What do YOU think of the new game? Let us know in the comments below.


34 Responses to New Arcade Game – Zingoz Zangoz!

  1. Alphaowlbear says:

    I won the trophy this afternoon! – the animation on it is so cute! Catch the falling stars for more points and there are shields and bonus times to catch as well. Not sure exactly what the shields protect – is it protection from the falling Wacky? I watched the podkinz, but I wish the beginning tutorial had more instructions how to play for more points. Hopefully it will be the game of the day very soon so everyone can enjoy and try for the trophy.

    • Amygirl113 says:

      agree on all you said I got my trophy yesterday. Awesome as the points get higher and the fruit and stars are flying like mad – super animation and lots of fun.

    • SteveMc says:

      I got my trophy – and all these hints help alot and it is fantastic the higher you go the way the fruit is flying all over – what a fun game and graphics are wonderful.

  2. leopardlover0001 says:

    the tropical grove part is so cute!! it makes me happy, especially because strawberries are my favorite fruit! but when all that cute fruit is coming down, there will sometimes be like 5 zingoz falling down! it’s so wild!!!

  3. leopardlover0001 says:

    i’m loving this game. i bet this will be a lot of fun as a mobile game!! any insight into what day it’ll be available on mobile? also, the trophy is SO cute! i love that it features the huge watermelon! and i love that it’s animated. but it’ll be a while before i’ll be able to add it to my Trophy Room; currently my high score is 186,490, and i’m not expecting myself to drastically improve my fruit bouncing skills today or tomorrow lol :0)

  4. bear10201 says:

    I was skeptical but this game is so much fun. I like it, the more I play it the better I get.

  5. zeusfist says:

    Congrats to all who have won the trophy! It seems to me with the new games that have been introduced that they require lots of points/time to get Kinzcash and I’m not a big game player. I will try it on mobile to see the differences though!

  6. julieperkins says:

    I can’t wait to play

  7. MaliceLaStrange says:

    I really love this game! Though it took me a second to realize not to catch the little guy falling from the sky lol

  8. megamom12 says:

    Oh, my gosh this game is so much fun! I even made it to the second level the first time that I played it!

  9. fancyduck58 says:

    This game is so much fun and makes me laugh, but I’m not very good at this type of game so the chances of me getting the trophy is iffy. But I’ll keep trying!!! :)

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