New Diamond Bundle in Webkinz Next!

The Teddy Bear Christmas Bundle is a great new Diamond bundle in Next. For only $20.99 USD, you can purchase a bundle of 200 diamonds, five Holiday Wishes Mystery Capsules and an exclusive Teddy Bear Fireplace.

To purchase the Teddy Bear Christmas Bundle, click the Diamond at the top of your screen.


The Bundles appear at the bottom of the Diamond purchasing screen. Use the arrows on either side of the panel to scroll through the panels until you find the Teddy Bear Bundle.


Once you purchase the Bundle, your new items will appear in your dock. You can only purchase the Bundle once which makes the Teddy Bear Fireplace a super exclusive!
The Teddy Bear Christmas is only available until January 1st, 2023. Make this Holiday season even cozier with the Teddy Bear Christmas Bundle!


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22 Responses to New Diamond Bundle in Webkinz Next!

  1. raysgirl says:

    Where do we buy this at? I do not see it in the Ganz Estore, or on Next? Or is it coming soon. I have windows based computer and I-pad. Thanks so excited.

    • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

      Hey there, raysgirl! So, on Next(this comes from a Windows/PC person, lol), click at the top on the pink diamond icon where all your diamonds are! You might have to wait a bit, but at the bottom of all the other sales, you’ll see the bundle(s) available. Hope that helps! ~Rainbow Stormsilver/Dash Darkrock

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