New Fan Designed Recipe Food #1 – REVEALED!

The Webkinz art department has been busy taking our fan-designed recipe food winners and turning them into virtual recipe foods that will be released in Webkinz World soon! We are so excited to reveal the first of our three winning recipes – the Dino Dessert by BlueSpottedElephant!


Now, while bluespottedelephant created an awesome food, they didn’t specify the ingredients and appliance that should be used to create this delectable dessert! That’s where YOU come in!


Please let us know in the comments below which appliance and ingredients you think would go into creating the perfect Dino Dessert! The appliances could be a stove, sandwich maker or blender, and the ingredients must be three foods from the Ingredients category in the Foods section of the W Shop.


And to see how our artist’s version compares to the original submission, check out BlueSpottedElephant’s drawing below!


And keep watching Webkinz Newz for the reveal of the final versions of the other two winners of our Recipe Food contest!


65 Responses to New Fan Designed Recipe Food #1 – REVEALED!

  1. whitekitten24 says:

    Ice cream, broccoli and spinach in a blender. The broccoli and spinach looks like little trees, which brachiosaurus eats and they’re green! :)

  2. NerdyCorgi81 says:

    Dragonfruit, artichoke, waffle in a blender

  3. drtolli says:

    milk, broccoli, waffles

  4. hrhjr says:

    Waffles, Broccoli, and Artichoke (for the spikes!) in a blender

  5. TUBARINA says:

    Green Grapes, Milk and Cookies. You can use a blender for cook this.

  6. lovesturtles4241 says:

    This food makes me smile. Hope we can discover the recipe soon!

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