NEW! Hardwood And Dirt Recipes!


Have you been collecting Harwood from your Maple Tree and Dirt from your harvested crops? Great news! We’ve just added a bunch of Hardwood and Dirt recipes to the Wish Boutique. Now there’s tons of new items to craft and collect.




How can you get started on building these items? Just follow these steps!


1. Visit the Wish Boutique


Recipe cards can be purchased from the Wish Boutique with Wish Tokens.



The Wish Boutique is located in the Curio Shop.


2. Visit your Craft Table or Carpenter’s Bench


Once you purchase a recipe card, it will be stored at your Craft Table or Carpenter’s Bench.



Build bricks and brick items at the Carpenter’s Bench. Create clay and clay items at the Craft Table.


3. Collect Materials from your harvested crops and maple tree


If you’re wondering how to collect dirt and hardwood, don’t worry, it’s easy!


To collect Dirt, purchase some Growing Plants from the W Shop and plant them in your garden. Once you’ve harvested them ten times, they will yield Dirt. Then, Dirt will be stored with your materials, and you can use it to craft clay and brick items.


To collect Hardwood, make sure to complete the Home Away From Home challenge. Plant your Maple Tree in your yard and it will yield one piece of Hardwood each day. Collect the Hardwood, and it will be stored with your materials until you’re ready to create an item from the Hardwood collection.


The Wish Boutique refreshes its items once a week so, keep checking back for new recipe cars. Which one are you most excited to collect?




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50 Responses to NEW! Hardwood And Dirt Recipes!

  1. ed6879 says:

    Lol, nevermind. I just saw the maple tree is from the home away from home challenge. :-)

  2. ed6879 says:

    These recipes are absolutely adorable, but where can I get a maple tree?

  3. megamom12 says:

    I picked up what recipes that I could today and fortunately one of them was the fireplace! I of course made the rocker.

  4. Sonari says:

    I love love love this addition! However, if you could make the rocking chair rock, that would be nice. =) So far I’ve just made the chair and table, but I’m excited for many others! – Side note- I checked to see if I could sell a table and I can’t. I really hope this is an oversite as earning KC is quite challenging and being able to turn all that soil and wood into sellable items would be handy in a pinch. Please consider this.

  5. kkovacs says:

    25 bricks to build the fireplace is excessive. What were you thinking?!

  6. nettne2 says:

    my hardwood shelf disappeared when I tried to put in it my room and so did my candy window. Will they come back?

  7. momcat says:

    I don’t have a recipe for clay. How do I get that?

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