New Holiday Room theme & New Menorah!


We are so excited that the new fan-designed Holiday Barn Theme is now available in the WShop!



This rustic theme was designed by player asiaraynebow. Inspired by their drawings, our artists created a lovely Christmas tree farm, filled with rustic, homemade items, many built from found items around the farm.

Holiday Barn Theme

There’s a festive barn based on one of asiaraynebow’s sketches. It’s festooned with strings of lights and garlands. We also brought to life their vision for a cozy fire pit and a muddy trampoline, as well as the seat, a fun porch swing!

Holiday Barn Theme

In keeping with the rustic farm look, the pretty Christmas tree is decorated with horseshoes, pine cones, and dried orange slices. The farm’s scarecrow has been dressed up as Santakinz to celebrate the season, a wreath was created from an antique wagon wheel. These are just a few of the items in the new theme.

Holiday Barn Theme

Between December 1 and 31 you can find the following items in the New & Promo section of the WShop:

Holiday Barn Theme

  • Holiday Barn Wallpaper
  • Holiday Barn Flooring
  • Holiday Barn
  • Holiday Fire Pit Oven
  • Holiday Porch Swing
  • Holiday mud pit trampoline
  • Holiday barn Wreath
  • Holiday Barn Tree
  • SantaKinz Scarecrow
  • Holiday Barn Truck
  • Holiday Well
  • Holiday Tree Sign



Be sure to get yours before they’re gone!


For those celebrating Hanukkah, Menorahs have returned to the WShop just in time for Hanukkah! There’s a new Menorah in the WShop! The sleek Mega Modern Menorah will look amazing in your Mega Modern penthouse, or in any Webkinz home!



It is an animated item that lights up over the course of Hanukkah’s eight days. The festival of lights runs this year from Sunday, December 18th to Monday, December 26th!

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  1. Quilter says:

    This is one of the best themes I’ve seen in awhile. I LOVE it! And it is available for Kinzcash! Thanks Webkinz. Congratulations to asiaraynebow! Great design!!!!

  2. KSC says:

    This is a lovely room theme! Congratulations asiaraynebow and to the designers who made it come to life in Webkinz World!

  3. lucylane556 says:


  4. memsrjoan says:

    Will there be a menorah for Webkinz Next?

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