New in Next: Trading!


Trading is now live in Webkinz Next!



Players can now trade extra prizes and duplicate items with any other user anywhere in Kinzville other than the arcade. You can even trade with your friend in your own home!


To begin, click on the binder beside your pet. Drag the items you’d like to trade into the binder.



There are 36 slots for items. You can change the items in your binder at any time, including while trading.


Other players can look through your items either during a trade or through the Friends’ List.


Note that at this time Gifts, Currencies, Pet Effects, Materials and Competition Crops cannot be traded.


To begin a trade, click on another player, and tap Trade. This will send the player an invitation to trade. If they agree, you will both enter trading mode. Here you can look at each other’s binders, chat about the items you’re looking for, and make a deal.



All trades in Webkinz Next are one item for one item and the trade must be fair.


We have color-coded the items according to their value categories. There are 12 Value categories:



Both players must agree to any trade. You can use Chat and Emojis to work out the deal that you’re happy with. When the trade is air, tap Make Trade and a confirmation screen will appear. Both players must then press Complete Trade to have the trade go through. Remember that once a trade has gone through, it can’t be reversed.



For those players uninterested in trading, we’ve added the ability to turn off trading in the Options panel. Simply uncheck “Allow Trading” and the binder will be removed from your UI and players won’t be able to send you trade requests. You can turn on and off this feature at any time.



Like trading but just busy? You can put a pause on receiving trade requests by checking “Pause Trading” on the request reply. You then won’t receive any more requests until the next time you log in.


We are very excited to bring this fun new feature to Webkinz Next and we hope you love it too.




Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10. Download Webkinz Next


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33 Responses to New in Next: Trading!

  1. gumball88 says:

    Echoing comments about trading being too restrictive, I would like to say the categories are great! In Classic, trading is kind of a crapshoot for me because I’m just not up on everything anymore. If I remember correctly, you get somewhat of a warning in Classic, but having the categories in Next is super helpful. It’s just the restrictiveness that is a bummer. Keep the categories so we know what type of items were trading, but please lessen the restrictions.

  2. marnabear1 says:

    My one attempt at a trade made me realize I am not going to trade with anyone I do not know in person. The other trader picked something and then tried to switch at the last minute.

  3. motleycrue says:

    Y’all should remove the restrictions. Just say the trade is unfair and if both players are okay with it they should be allowed trade. It’s hard to get anything your looking for when you can only trade within certain categories. Plus retired themes like glampire can just be traded for items that are always in the wshop so basically people can still get scammed.

  4. pegpony says:

    How does trading factor in to the fact that items can only be sent to classic once. Can items that have been sent to classic not be traded? If I receive an item in a trade that another person sent to their classic account, does it reset for me so that I can send it to mine as well?

  5. kaye10 says:

    hi all, have been anxious today to come to this news entry & check out any feedback… i fear that trading should probably happen one week each quarter & that is it. lots of people hang around the trading hub but don’t want to trade. disappointing… after only two days of trading, most people have already traded what they want & now are super-picky–i have tried to pay-it-forward when in this situation, but many don’t. disappointing… also, it is easier to come away with raw feelings than a sense of contentment, as communication is too slow in this hyper-speed trading environment. again… yes, disappointing. i will make a separate post regarding items i hope will be made available to sell (the ones no one wants b/c we already have our own abaundance of those non-sellable items). thanks so much for reading. best, k.

    • kaye10 says:

      again, hello. an interesting week in NEXT as to trading, right? ok, i’ll admit–never realized the benefits of venting until i did so above. i was a bit taken aback. but i regrouped (lol), i strategized, & i conquered my tireless list of un-sellables. ALL but one of approx 50 items is now in a new happy home. so… take it back (??) trading is great!! :) truly though, it took me a huge chunk of 5 day of my life, but where better to spend it… seriously, i cannot relay the success of this campaign better than to say have not seen this many brand-new pets since have been coming to NEXT. so, once again GANZ “u the man!” uuhh i mean “pet” ;) ;) best, k.

  6. BoulderPrarieHome says:

    I feel some of the PSIs should be worth more than others. The elephant, giraffe, panda, lion, gray cat, etc. where I paid the $29.99 should be worth more than the PSI for the free Cat, Golden Retriever or Husky.

  7. Zooooooz says:

    Hm. Maybe there should be a category for PSIs alone…

  8. lucylane556 says:

    Wait, can school ribbons be traded? It didn’t say when it was showing the things you can’t trade, but I’m still not sure.

  9. lucylane556 says:


  10. BoulderPrarieHome says:

    I wish we could trade two lesser items for a more expensive one.

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