NEW Kinzcash Theme in Webkinz Next: Easter Bunny!

  Bunny days are here again! The new Easter Bunny theme has arrived in the Webkinz Next W Shop and you can purchase the entire theme for Kinzcash. Easter Bunny will be available until April 30th so hop to it before its gone!     There are eight pieces in total, featuring living room furniture, a bed and a dining table. Each piece is embellished with adorable Easter eggs and springtime colours—such a happy “hello” to spring!     The dining table is a gorgeous place to enjoy an Easter feast. Pair it with Easter Bunny armchairs for a cozy holiday.     The Easter Bunny theme is a bright and fun spring celebration that you won’t want to miss. Collect it for Kinzcash in the Webkinz Next W Shop until April 30th.   Which Easter Bunny item is your favorite?



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19 Responses to NEW Kinzcash Theme in Webkinz Next: Easter Bunny!

  1. momdadabby1222 says:

    it should be next to the carousel and 2 hour time limit for the day its there. I heard it was there there between noon and 6 pm

  2. ccutshaw says:

    Does anyone know where the bonus Wheel of Wow in the park is located on next?

    • j9e9n9n9y9 says:

      Yes. The bonus Wheel of Wow appears on the even numbered days of every month. You cannot tell what time though, you have to keep on checking, you never know what time it will appear in the park. Hope this helped!

    • Booreeves says:

      Sometimes it will appear on Webkinz Day too. And usually when it’s Webkinz Day you can spin the the Wheel of Wow and while waiting for the Wheel of Wow and the park you can go to the arcade and there’s a game called Wheel of Wow.

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