Now Available: The NEW Plush Pride Lion


Ready for the mane event? Our newest plush, the Pride Lion, is now available to purchase from Ganz eStore! And there’s roar to this plush than meets the eye. Each plush Pride Lion comes with TWO pet codes, one for Webkinz Classic and one for Webkinz Next—that’s access to two roaring games for the price of one huggable plush.



When you adopt a Pride Lion in Webkinz Next or Webkinz Classic, you will receive a special gift box, including an African Fire Pit (PSI) and a Savannah Sirloin.



Every Pride Lion adopted in Webkinz Next comes with three sparks. That’s three chances to spark adorable Pride Lion babies!



That’s right, each Pride Lion plush comes with great value, and we’re not lion. Adopt your Pride Lion today from Ganz eStore!


Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Download Webkinz Next

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33 Responses to Now Available: The NEW Plush Pride Lion

  1. leaveitnow41s says:

    Sally or anyone please help! Where are the codes for the bunny suit? I found the mask on facebook. Took me 20 minutes to reactivate my account. I hate social media!

  2. megamom12 says:

    As BEAUTIFUL as this pet is, I really don’t have room for more pushes of this size. as it is, my Panda plush found a new home at my daughter’s house. I can use the same amount of capital to purchase a medium batch of Diamonds in order to get one of the virtual pets plus have enough to spark a baby. (my grandson helped me name one the 2 babies that I sparked today! Green Stamp bonus there!)

  3. dwtsfan says:

    Why when you buy from Amazon like friend did the two codes are on the plushie but I buy from the e store and the plushie has one code one the plushie and the other one in the box

  4. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Aw! The plush and Classic virtual are just too cute :,) I can’t wait to get this little guy! XD

  5. imr2001 says:

    would it ever be possible to buy Next pet codes online with eStore points? I want to add new members to my Next family and would love it if this was an option!

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