New Premium Holiday Theme in Webkinz Next! Send it to Your Classic Account!



Coming soon to Webkinz Next, a new premium holiday theme: Holiday Silver!


This classy, silver-lined set of items is a sparkling way to celebrate this holiday season with your Webkinz family.


Grab a Holiday Silver cookie from the cookie dispenser and gather around the bright Christmas tree in a couple of red cozy chairs.




Or, settle into a luxurious silver bath before crawling into a four-post bed, tucked away between the cozy storage bench and the rocking horse.



With cookies, a rocking horse, a hamper, a full bathroom and plenty of seating, this theme is perfect for your entire Webkinz Next family. And the good news is, you can share it with your Webkinz Classic family too!


If you already have linked accounts can send items from Next to Classic by clicking the truck icon in the bottom-right corner of your dock.


If you haven’t created a linked account between Webkinz and Classic yet, don’t worry, it’s easy! Just use your Webkinz Classic username and password to sign into Next. Or, if you’re already a Next player and you’d like to link your account to Classic, just login to Classic with Next username and password.


The Holiday Silver theme is only available for purchase with diamonds. Visit the W Shop to purchase your items today!


Which item excites you the most?


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31 Responses to New Premium Holiday Theme in Webkinz Next! Send it to Your Classic Account!

  1. kaye10 says:

    hi! 2 questions: 1) b/c this requires diamonds, can we trust it will be back next year, since it will take me/many of us that long to get the diamonds? and 2) i read something about a way to purchase diamonds–is this so? thanks much, k.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      We’ve got tons of plans for Webkinz Next. Classic has been around for over 16 years now, so I think we’ve proven that we’ve got staying power. You can purchase Diamonds in game using your respective app stores. Click on the Diamond icon in game to get started.

  2. gingerdatigger says:

    Oooh I’m so excited! I don’t have that many diamonds though :(

  3. distillevanity says:

    This is really pretty. How do I earn more diamonds in Next?

  4. pinky548n says:

    Where is the new cookie dispenser is it in the wshop don’t see it

  5. bobette says:

    I love this but I just started playing so I don’t have many diamonds.

  6. jklpoi890 says:

    Its so pretty! I wish it wasn’t gems only though

  7. otisbulldogmiddleton says:

    I just opened Webkinz Next to look for this theme and I did not see it. When will it be added to the game?

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