NEW Prizes Available on Webkinz Mobile!


Spin the Wheel of Wow on Webkinz Mobile for the chance to win great prizes for your pet!


Available August 27  – September 16:



The Webkinz Mobile Pet app is now available for FREE on iTunes* … and on the Google Play Store**


202 Responses to NEW Prizes Available on Webkinz Mobile!

  1. cowtown says:

    gennelle i have a question i don’t have a mobile device of any kind, but what can i play webkinz on, will any android tablet work or android phone, i have been hopeing my parents will get me one soon, so i can play. i don’t even have a laptop yet. what devices does webkinz work on? and are they to exspensive? thanks for the help anyone. trying to get my mom to get a phone or let me get a tablet.

    • Gennelle Webkinz says:

      Hi cowtown. Right now you can play Webkinz on any browser on a laptop or desktop computer, of course, but if you want to play it on mobile, it’s currently available for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices, including tablets.

      • kaye10 says:

        Hi Gennelle :) I have a question directly for you–ty btw for your wonderful responsiveness-you r the best! I tried desperately to win the strawberry milk and made an overwhelming number of pleas in trading, but NO ONE had it!!! Can they PLEASE bring it back and make it easier to land on? Also, for the first time ever I had something disappear from my dock and I would value your opinion if you think it is “safe” logging in on mobile devices. I did change my password immediately, though I think the only people who could ever have know my password work at Webkinz. Thank you so very, very much! Peace, k.

        • Gennelle Webkinz says:

          Hey there! I will pass along the request for the Strawberry Milk to the team but I can’t make any promises! :) Also, we do believe it’s very safe to log into mobile devices. Good idea to change your password frequently! For the Case of the Disappearing Item, it’s more likely that it’s a glitch and I’d encourage you to email our CS team at with the details of what happened. If you experience any more issues with the app where things are disappearing or not showing up, don’t hesitate to delete the app and re-install it — you won’t lose any data and it normally smooths over any issues. Hope that helps!

      • cowtown says:

        thank you Gennelle for your help i want to play webkinz mobile so much maybe me and my mom can go look and see what she will let me get, thank you. have a great day. one of your greatest fans i love ganz and webkinz,

  2. jenniferobbi2 says:

    Can you picture a little white Terrier, dresses in the butterfly dress and shoes and the Camo Croc dressed in the Navy Suit Jacket and a pair of slacks sitting on a swing under one of the latern trees. Put some toadstool pieces around and you have a pretty little room.

  3. TennesseeFrogs2 says:

    Spun and got the omelet :( Not a big fan of food LOL!

  4. MEGWEBKINZ says:

    omg i love that dress! anyone plz trade me!

  5. oats34WK says:

    Is anybody looking for the navy suit jacket????

  6. Desnudate1 says:

    Is anyone willing to give me the Butterfly Fairy Dress and the sandals? Thanks!

  7. TennesseeFrogs2 says:

    I like the suit the best. I have the app so i’ll be sure to spin the wheel.

  8. prprprprp says:

    I hope I can get the shoes, jacket and noodles from trading! I already have received gifts and trades for wonderful things from really nice people, so I’m not sure if I want to go and request something in the forums again, only if they offer it…

  9. strawberryswirls27 says:

    The butterfly outfit as well as the shoes are something I really want. I hope to get them. Good luck getting what you want everyone. Happy Thursday.

    • oats34WK says:

      Hey strawberryswirls27 happy Thursday I got the butterfly dress but playnowpuppy is looking for the shoes if I get an extra pair I’ll send the to you what’s your ww username???

  10. tinygma says:

    Chocolate milk is the reguler stuff no big deal . I still want to trade for a pair or 2 of the DAISEY SHOES for a grandchild. I PLAY MOBILE !!!! tinygma add me as friend we can trade in the TRADEING ROOM !!!!

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