Painted Glass Room Theme Released!


The Painted Glass room theme has arrived at the W-Shop! There are 14 pieces included in the set and each are available for KinzCash. This fan picked theme is truly unique… your pets are going to love it! Here’s a look at the 14 pieces that are included in the set:



Watch Podkinz episode 120 for the chance to get a bonus piece of furniture from this theme. At the end of the episode Mandy & Michael give away a code for a blue Painted Glass dining table. The table matches the blue dining chair and is ONLY available by watching Podkinz.



What kind of room are you going to design with this theme? Let us know by leaving a comment below…


80 Responses to Painted Glass Room Theme Released!

  1. avaroxsj says:

    I would like to upload a picture of my glass room. I just love it!

  2. witch56 says:

    I have all these items except for the two kitchen items for deluxe members. Would anyone be able to send me those two items? :) My username is witch56

  3. mdreamy says:

    eliza9 I will send these to you. My user name on webkinzs is mdreamy.

  4. aepaul16 says:

    I love the wall paper!!

  5. eliza9 says:

    I would like the stove and fridge from a deluxe member. I would be happy to pay. tape711

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