Available Now! Send Items from Next to Classic!

Update: This exciting new feature is NOW LIVE!

send items back 

Things are on the move in Webkinz Next! Introducing a brand new feature that allows players to send selected items from their Webkinz Next account to their Webkinz Classic account – including the fabulous Glampire theme!

webkinz next
How does it work?


webkinz next

In order to use this feature, you must have Classic and Next accounts with the same login info. Don’t have a Next account? Just log in with your Classic username and password to create one! And if you don’t have a Classic account, you can create one using your Next username and password!

webkinz next

To send items back to Classic, look for the moving van at the bottom of your Dock when you’re logged into Next, and click on it. Now you can select which items you want to send.


Not all items are available to be sent back to Classic, so we’ve included a handy checkbox that isolates the items you can currently send. Certain items even offer the option to buy a duplicate before sending them off.

webkinz next

Now hit ‘Send’ and that’s it! The next time you log into Classic, you’ll see a message in the Message Center letting you know your item has been added to your Dock.

webkinz next

webkinz next

As Webkinz Next grows, we’ll continue to add new items that can be sent back to Classic! In fact, we recently updated our Next challenge prizes to make them sendable! Check them out below!



Because whether it’s adding fun new features, games, and sections, or sending items back to Classic, Webkinz Next is ALWAYS on the move!





Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

141 Responses to Available Now! Send Items from Next to Classic!

  1. janmatt says:

    can someone please send me juicy boxes, I need three to complete a challenge. my user name: puppys2love thanks, also sending a friend request to schuckers

  2. MaddogRocks1124 says:

    How can I send the Wheel of Wow Cookies from my Free Classic Account to my Webkinz Next Account?

  3. schuckersd says:

    puppydogluna i tried to send you juice boxes but they wont send cause you are a free player. so sorry

  4. megamom12 says:

    You know, for some reason I thought that the potion bottles were nail polish……

  5. gadsfavs1 says:

    Sally Webkinz, I noticed there is some cute clothing items in the W Shop on the Next game that isn’t on the Classic game and it is for kinzcash, but none of it can is postable. I would love to have a few of the items on my Classic account as well. Will kinzcash items like clothing ever be postable?

  6. sef62 says:

    I created a new Webkinz account a couple days ago. I can send over to my Classic account but it is missing the Glampire Theme. That is partly why I created the account. Can it be fixed?

  7. rainyukl says:

    Can someone that has webkinz next please send me some items? I am unable to get the webkinz next yet. My user name is rainypatricia , Thanks

  8. kspin04 says:

    can someone please send me fruity juice boxes. Cannot get next. Thank you. I am kspin04

  9. Mummabean says:

    I was able to put webkinz next app onto my ipad…I played a couple of games and purchased juice boxes but when I touch the delivery vehicle nothing happens. Is it because the send option is not available on mac yet, even though I can see the vehicle icon?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Did you use your Classic username and password to log in to Next or did you sign up for a new account? The usernames have to match in order for the accounts to be linked.

      • Mummabean says:

        Same username and password as Classic. I worked around it by installing it on a windows desktop computer so I was able to send that way but not from ipad. Maybe I should remove it from ipad and try again?

        • Mummabean says:

          Strange I tried to logout of Next on ipad and now I’m stuck at “loading scene”. I’ll try reloading later today and will let you know Sally. Thank you. May it’s a glitch on my ipad app install

          • Mummabean says:

            I deleted the mac app and reinstalled it and now the send feature (truck) is working. Thank you

  10. sparkles1117 says:

    Would anyone be so kind to send me Fruity juice boxes. I’m a classic player. Oliver1117 Thank You!!!

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