NEW SPREE Prizes Have Been Added To The Mall!


7 NEW prizes have been added to the game of SPREE! Play SPREE in the Webkinz Arcade and use the Mall Credits that you collect during the game to trade for prizes when you arrive at the Kinzville Mall:



Did you pick up a Tween Queen Outfit during your last visit to the mall? This SPREE prize has officially been retired:



What’s your favorite prize that’s available at the  Kinzville Mall? Please leave your comments below…


58 Responses to NEW SPREE Prizes Have Been Added To The Mall!

  1. BunnyCarrothunter1 says:

    Aww.. I never got the dress because I thought it was gonna be so common. Oh well. But two more plushies! Aw YES!

  2. tarayvonne says:

    Oh man, I just picked up the ghost air ship thingy in the estore, if I had known there would be a similar thing for free I would have saved my points for something else :(

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