New Superbed!


If you like collecting pets, you’ll love our new Superbed!


For every 10 pets you adopt, you’ll earn a Bonus Box. When you drag the box from your Dock into your room, you’ll get to choose a Superbed!


Introducing our newest Superbed: the Dr. Frankenkinz’ Lab Bed!





To make room for this spooky Superbed, we’ve retired the Night at the Movies Bed! If you didn’t have a chance to collect one, you can try trading for it in either the Clubhouse’s Trading Room, or on the Webkinz Newz Trading Forums (Please note: Trading requests are NOT allowed in Webkinz Newz comments).


What do YOU think of this new Superbed? Let us know in the comments below!



89 Responses to New Superbed!

  1. NerdyCat says:

    One day in the trading room, some pet invited me to trade, didn’t even say what he wanted, so I put up a charm candy, and he dragged TWO SUPER BEDS IN, the Night at the Movies Bed and the Unicorn Bed. Then he was ready to trade!!!! So I got two super beds for practically nothing@

  2. moonfeather16 says:

    I’ve got about ten of them, and am a huge fan! I love the ice cream bed and want the waffle iron bed!

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