New Superbed!


There is a new Superbed to collect! The next time you receive a Superbed Gift Box, take a look for the NEW Cozy Yacht Bed! Your pet will just love napping in the lap of luxury!




To make room for this new Superbed, we’ve also retired the Stardust Dreams Bed.



Super Bed Gift Boxes are awarded to players when they adopt their 10th Webkinz pet and every 5th adoption after that. Drag and drop a Super Bed Gift Box into your pet’s room to choose the bed you’d like added to your account. Once you pick a bed it will be added to your Dock.


What do YOU think of the new Superbed? Let us know in the comments below.


78 Responses to New Superbed!

  1. KCKares says:

    How can you tell anymore how many pets you’ve adopted? I haven’t received any boxes for super beds in so long. I’ve been expecting a box for a super bed for the last several of my adoptions, and now I missed out the bed I wanted to get! I think there’s something else wrong with my account… I’ve missed out on one thing after another because of all these glitches :/ Please help! Much appreciated! ♥

  2. robinroyal says:

    I think the helipad would look better on a skyscraper bed and the yacht would look better on its own. Haven’t decided if I want this bed or not.

  3. tinygma says:

    I REALLY REALLY WISH this was STYLED MORE like the NEW KEESHOUND PSI BED . I REALLY LIKE THAT PETS BED !! N It is a BARGE with lots of sleeping room but you see MORE of the boat !

  4. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    My older sister has 3 of these beds. She has A LOT of collections in her account. I don’t really like the new super bed, I liked the older one better.

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