NEW Version of Polar Plunge on the Webkinz Mobile App!


There’s a NEW version of Polar Plunge, available on the Webkinz mobile app, available for FREE from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!









The first time you cross the finish line on each of the easy, medium and difficult slopes you’ll win a NEW bronze, silver, or gold trophy!





This new version of Polar Plunge is also coming later this week to the Arcade on!


What do YOU think of the new version of Polar plunge? Let us know in the comments below!


73 Responses to NEW Version of Polar Plunge on the Webkinz Mobile App!

  1. kittenloverz101223 says:

    I am going to be honest. I hate the look of it and I agree with others who say you should have made this a Polar Plunge 2.


    Definitely disappointed with this. Polar Plunge was my favorite game, since 2007. It’s much easier, and the gameplay is slower. Very sad that the original is gone. Couldn’t you have called this “Polar Plunge 2″, and kept the old one as well? I really don’t like the new versions of the old games – it really makes the website lose its value.

  3. RuthieMeow says:

    I liked the odd version better.

  4. gigiliz says:

    better fix games that are not working for years!

  5. bubbashuka says:

    I guess they made it easier, I ACTUALLY CROSSED THE EASY FINISH LINE! I’ve never done that before.

    • tinygma says:

      I got the easy trophy my 1st try and for years I never got close. GL very nice you got it. No sending it and you get each level just 1 time , I keep trying Medium now but sometimes it jumps all by itself.

      • bubbashuka says:

        Cool! I’m going to try medium now. :) What does GL stand for?

      • Amygirl113 says:

        Congrats on getting the easy trophy. I did too and just now, got the medium one. Took me awhile, but finally got over hitting this one tree trunk and once got past that, made it to the end. I’m the same with you. Tried for years on the old version and never got to the bottom. Love this new version. Good luck everyone.

  6. Picia says:

    Idk if you care to listen to comments, but seeing as we are stuck with this mobile version, could you at least fix it a bit so that every time the bear jumps it doesn’t jump into the score at the top? I feel like the snow is too think at the bottom. The bear should be more centered! Also, it is a bit blinding too be honest? I mean, I know you just put it out and maybe you were gonna do improvements anyway but idk- just my two cents. Thanks

  7. danielle1412 says:

    The hill blends in too much with the sky and the bear is too close to the top of the screen.

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