New! Webkinz Plush and bonus prizes—All the tea

Dorothy Lou and Sally join the M and M gang for a closer look at the brand new Teacup Yorkie!


PLUS: We can now give you the details on how Classic players who adopt the Teacup Yorkie in the first month can get their FREE High Tea Hat! When you adopt a Classic Teacup Yorkie using the Classic code that comes with your plush pet BY MIDNIGHT EST ON DECEMBER 10, a High Tea Hat will be added to your Classic Dock the following morning. Please note: you will not receive a notification. Just check your Dock the morning after adoption and your free gift will be waiting for you!




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4 Responses to New! Webkinz Plush and bonus prizes—All the tea

  1. ngeorgianow says:

    In another episode of frustrating, I’m once again lucky enough to have a pet of mine be the pet of the month. How fun! I’m not going to complain about only newly adopted pets come with an added gift, that’s to convince people to buy more pets. Very annoying, but alright. But WHY are potm activities locked for free members? Obviously, owning one of these pets proves that someone has spent some money on Webkinz. I get that restrictions on free members serve an intentional, dare I say necessary purpose, but this one feels excessive. Personally, I’ve been too busy to look into previously ‘purchased’ pets connected to a yearly deluxe membership, there was some kind of error and I haven’t had time to sort it out (more to the story, but just recall that Webkinz accounts are connected to parent emails). I’m just saying this feels unnecessary. Maybe someone will see this.

    • ngeorgianow says:

      The part about previously purchased pets: in other words, I’m currently a free member, but for a reason. Besides the fact that like many ppl I had a Deluxe membership for a significant period. Suffice to say that numerous “free member” restrictions get on my nerves, but this one just feels petty.

    • abmol says:

      its just business lol

  2. LadyBeauty says:

    I ordered my Teacup Yorkie yesterday, and like Mandy, I plan to name my Teacup Yorkies after blends of teas, starting with the one I just ordered, whose name will be Yorkshire Gold!! That is also one of my favorite blends of tea. I plan to adopt and spark a baby from Yorkshire Gold on Thanksgiving Day. I’ll name the baby once I see it to know what kind of tea it will be named for, if the baby is a Teacup Yorkie. LadyBeauty

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