New Winter Clothing Line!

Head to the KinzStyle Outlet to check out what PJ’s got for you this season!



You can mix and match these clothes… and even try them out in the Clothing Machine! Find the right combination to solve the recipe clothes!


117 Responses to New Winter Clothing Line!

  1. cuteblueicefawn9 says:

    I can not find those clothes in the store.

  2. sambear2 says:

    Hi everyone. I was just wondering if someone could send me the 2 winter recipes. I have tried but cannot find the right recipe. My username is ANGELBEAR499. Thank you.

  3. lilypugrulestoo says:

    lol…I was never good at recipes and still can’t figure these out arg!

  4. webkinzcutie123 says:

    I would like it is someone sent me the deluxe item for the sweater dress! Thank you, kinz! ww- sierrakn

  5. sundance410 says:

    Could someone please help me with the new recipe clothes, I can’t figure them out.

    • stripes410 says:

      Many thanks to ccajsmith2 for helping me with the winter recipe clothes. I still haven’t been able to solve the fall recipe clothes. The Olive Pantsuit and the Vested Dress. Someone, please help me. I wish Webkinz Newz would release the recipes before the clothes were discontinued.

  6. queenz says:

    Would appreciate it if someone could send me the items for the red cowl. User name is queenzofkinz. Thank you.

  7. ccutshaw says:

    I can’t figure out either recipe and I’ve tried a bunch of conbo’s! Could someone please send the clothes to me? Thank you sooooo much!! ccutshaw

  8. zengirl says:

    Any help with the clothing recipes would be appreciated.. thanks in advance un zengirl

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