Newz Team Gets a New Look – YOU get Prizes!

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Now, the Webkinz Newz team is sporting a professional new look. Check out the Webkinz Newz Team in their spiffy new outfits.



Of course, Michael, Mandy, Sally and Stephen and all of the team at Webkinz Newz rely on YOU to help keep Newz fresh with your comments and contributions to every story. That’s why, during the month of October, we’re giving away special Webkinz Newz prizes – ONLY on Webkinz Newz!



Every day in October, look for the floating WKN giftbox on Webkinz Newz and click on it to receive a special Webkinz Newz Prize!

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158 Responses to Newz Team Gets a New Look – YOU get Prizes!

  1. 65Bobthebuilder says:


  2. locococoapuff says:

    That bed looks awesome! I hope I win it!

  3. criss999 says:

    i wish i could get the bed and the lap top all i get are the glasses

  4. cat2f says:


  5. StephanieB says:

    I wish the computer and coffee could be placed on the desk.

  6. mysweetaddiction says:

    Just got the rare bed and found it it is not sendable. Really? Its not an estore promo. All the other stuff is sendable why not the rare ones? CAn that be fixed,

  7. cat2f says:

    Every once in a while when i do peek-a-newz or the floaty clicky, it says it was expired and i already done it today but i haven’t! Please fix this problem!

    • ImaPepper says:

      Hi, cat2f–has it been 24 hours since you last completed the Peek-a-Newz or the floaty-clicky? If it hasn’t, then that’s probably why it says expired. I found that I could “check” by logging onto WKNewz and reading the latest article; if a box pops up in the bottom right of the page that awards 1 Moneyz, it’s been long enough and I can complete the daily challenge. If it says that I have earned the maximum of 500 Moneyz, then I have to wait a while. If you can, try to pick an hour that you can consistently visit Newz every day. Then you shouldn’t see the “expired” messages. If this doesn’t solve it for you, you might want to contact customer support.

    • GramaandPrincess4 says:

      I have found that you have to do it around the same time each day, if you do it at night and then try the next morning again it gives you the expired message. So I try to do it the same time each day. Good Luck.

      • kaye10 says:

        yes, i have asked GANZ to make this a do-able thing any time in a 24-hour day–please support the cause by adding to my comment :) -k.

      • bubbleteapot says:

        What is happening is that on WKN for some reason the day changes several hours early, I think around 7 or 8 pm EST. So if you do it after that, it counts for the next day. You’ll need to wait till the next evening to do it again.

    • locococoapuff says:

      That’s been happening to me for the past couple days, but today I found 3 of the boxes in my dock.

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