Nikki Yanofsky Dreams in Pink with Ganz

Hey everyone! We’ve got some exciting news about the Webkinz World™ song “I Dream in Pink”, and we’d like to share with you something special that Ganz is doing to help support the breast cancer cause.

Nikki Yanofsky

Nikki Yanofsky, the teen jazz-pop artist who performed the song “I Believe” at the 2010 Winter Olympics, has just recorded a version of the Webkinz World song “I Dream in Pink”, the Webkinz™ Pet of the Month song from October 2010!

Nikki Yanofsky

This is thrilling news because Nikki Yanofsky is the first celebrity artist to have ever recorded a song from Webkinz World!   The new jazzy version of “I Dream in Pink” is available for free when you help Ganz raise funds for breast cancer research by purchasing a Webkinz Pink Poodle with a special tag.


webkinz pink poodles

Do you live in the United States?

During the month of October when you purchase a Webkinz Pink Poodle in the United States with a special tag that says “Susan G. Komen”, Ganz will donate a minimum of $2 to help support Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

Do you live in Canada?

In Canada, specially tagged Webkinz Pink Poodles are available through the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation at events hosted by the Foundation across the country.

I dream in pink album cover

How to get Nikki’s version of “I Dream in Pink”

When the Webkinz Pink Poodle (with the special tag) is adopted in Webkinz World, you’ll get the option to download the new version of “I Dream in Pink” by Nikki Yanofsky for free*.

Get it on iTunes

If you’re not able to purchase a Webkinz Pink Poodle, Nikki’s version of “I Dream in Pink” will be available for purchase on Apple’s iTunes through the Webkinz iTunes page.

*Free MP3 download available until December 31st, 2011.

64 Responses to Nikki Yanofsky Dreams in Pink with Ganz

  1. cowgirlsup says:

    i think this is a good pet for the moth because its pink and it helps fright brest canser

  2. Kulkid2000 says:

    Nikki is SO pretty!

  3. IceQueen says:

    I Just adopted the pink poodle with the special tag and it did not give me my free song to download.

  4. doglover43 says:

    Wow, too bad one of my first webkinz was a pink poodle LOL!!

    P.S. my grandma had cancer too.


  5. Clarissa3000 says:

    Aw, I purchased a little too early , 1 problem, everytime I visit one of the shopping malls they said they don’t have the pet of the month and they said it will be stock after 1 month. You guys are soo lucky!


  6. mitfy62 says:

    I already have a poodle! :(

  7. AMM098 says:

    Cool!!! Luckily, i don’t have a pink poodle!!!! I can buy one!!! (Maybe)



  8. Nice girl65 says:

    I really hope we will raise lots of money because my aunt has breast cancer so please help!

  9. 500ducky says:

    She performed the song “I Believe” at the 2010 Winter Olympics. ( If you watched the Olynpics, you should know her)

  10. BadtzMaru says:

    We can make virtual worlds…but we can’t find a cure. So…I try to donate any way I can. I luffles the Pink Poodle, so make sure to save one for me! ;) Nikki seems to be a great singer. Keep up the great work, Webkinz! <3

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