Sparky Fact: Not a Fan of Studying



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  1. pumpkindew917 says:

    sparky you study 1 time on a spelling test i did not study and i got 8% out of 20% so STUDY

  2. sparks says:

    I love to study

  3. VanillaRules says:

    Just do one bracket, and then one of these thingies: :
    :) LOL

  4. Glimy says:

    Ugh. I hate studying too Sparky but you have to.


  5. jusdivinum says:

    oh i know studying is terrible but it is helpful sometimes ***jusdivinum***

  6. Oshawott says:

    Aww! Congrats BostonROCKs!

  7. vballchick24 says:

    I am weird with studying! I can be up to it and go through it so fast, but if I have something to look forward to, I get distracted!
    I am home schooled, so I don’t do oh-so-much studying, but I still do tests and still have to study. Ugh! But, yeah I mean I have a special way of studying. I get it stuck in my BRAIN!!!! It get’s annoying sometimes :D

    Smile every day

  8. VanillaRules says:

    Here’s some advice to sparky, and everyone else: Always be the best you can be. In other words: STUDY!!!
    :) :) :)

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